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Nick Mizera


Nick has spent more than a decade hunting, fishing and flying birds of prey. His drive for wild pursuits has led to many interesting situations, some precarious and some hysterical. He is a co-founder of Tail Chase and hopes to share his and fellow outdoors-man's experiences from the woods, fields and streams.

"Hunting entered my life at a time in which it's value extended past the activity in and of itself. The outdoors helped shape my world as a young man, and has continued to do so since I discovered my passion for it. My sincere hope is that I may help spread the joy hunting, fishing and hawking brings me with those who would appreciate it most, and bring more people under its spell. "

Graham Scarbrough


 Graham grew up with falconry in his blood, and his passion for it and all things out of doors runs deep. His dedication to those passions has led to success in many facets, which in turn has started a Rolodex of tales yet to be told. He is a co-founder of Tail Chase who's mission is to share the stories and history of hunting, fishing and falconry with those who would hear it. 



"I’m a 25-year-old nursing student, trying to squeeze as much hunting and fishing in as I can while I finish school. I grew up in Northwest Missouri, hunting whitetails, turkeys, and hawking pheasants and rabbits with falcons and hawks, respectively. The falconry lifestyle has been integral since childhood. In college, a girlfriend gifted me my first flyrod. I was hooked. Over the years I whittled my interests down to falconry and fly fishing. I still practice other forms of hunting as opportunities arise but if I have a choice, falconry or fly fishing will win out every time. Since college, I lived in New Mexico and Virginia briefly, and Washington state for two years. I moved back to Missouri to go to nursing school. After school I plan to spend as much time as possible hawking Greater Prairie-chickens (the holy grail of falconry) with Prairie Falcons and catching wild trout on the fly.

I met Nick in high school and after a road trip to pick up our sibling Jack Russell Terrier pups, we hit it off. We have some pretty deep conversations and some that are downright silly. At some point we deluded ourselves into thinking that other people would enjoy listening to us and perhaps joining in on the conversations. We’re no experts, but we are real and we appreciate your ears and your attention, mostly your ears."

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